Koshuis Reëls/ Hostel Rules

  1. I am aware that living in the hostel is subject to the hostel rules that have been set by the house mother or housefather.
  2. I undertake to pay the hostel fees quarterly in advance on the first day of the school term.
  3. I undertake to give two week notice before I remove my child permanently from the hostel.
  4. I undertake to reimburse the school for any damage caused to hostel property by the learner (my child).
  5. I am aware that the hostel is closed over weekends and during the school holidays and that I am responsible for transportation of the learner (my child) to and from the hostel, at my own cost.
  6. I grant permission for the staff member on duty to follow the procedure as set out below:
  7. to inform me immediately or
  8. if I am not available
  9. if the contact person is not available, to take the necessary steps in order to organise medical attention,  including written permission for an anaesthetic to be administered.
  10. I undertake to pay all medical costs including treatment as well as medicines that have been prescribed.
  11. I hereby give permission to the Receiver of Revenue to provide the school with my address in the event that I cannot be traced.


Declaration and undertaking of parent/guardian


I, the undersigned parent/guardian of above-mentioned child, declare herewith that the information, as provided is to the best of my knowledge, correct and I understand that:


  1. If my application is successful, and my child enters the hostel on a date that is later than stipulated, I undertake and accept full responsibility for the payment of hostel fees from the admission date as stipulated above, unless the Hostel Committee decides otherwise.
  2. At least 30 days written notice is to be submitted before removing my child except in instances where the Hostel Committee accepts a shorter notice period. If I do not adhere to this, I will accept responsibility for the hostel fees up to and including the last day of the term with regard to the notice period, which should have been adhered to.
  3. The amount payable, adjusted from time to time by the Governing Body of Lydenburg High School, is payable in advance.
  4. I accept that the payment of hostel fees is compulsory, and I undertake to keep to the agreement. If problems arise, I undertake to contact the principal immediately with regard to the above said matter.  If I should neglect to do so, I accept that I, the applicant, will immediately be subjected to the termination of hostel accommodation as well as legal steps being instituted against me.
  5. All the hostel rules must be obeyed, as explained and provided to me;
  6. That I will reimburse the school for any damage caused by my child to either the building or equipment on the hostel premises;
  7. If legal steps are instituted against me in order to collect outstanding payments/fees, as stipulated in points 4 and 6,  I undertake to pay all legal costs as determined,  on a sliding scale decided between the lawyer and myself,  the client,  as well as collection fees that may be incurred.

I understand and accept the following stipulations:

  1. The hostel father and mother act in loco parent is on behalf of all learners in the hostel and are as such, empowered by me to act,  therefore,  in all cases of emergency,  medical and other instances that may occur.
  2. With regard to the rules of the payment of hostel fees, a child whose fees have not been paid for a stipulated, will be refused accommodation for the following calendar month, and will not be readmitted to the hostel unless outstanding fees have been paid in full.
  3. Lydenburg High School does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings, no matter how the loss or damage occurred;
  4. Parents/guardians are strongly advised to insure their child’s possessions against theft, fire etc and;
  5. The school’s drug and alcohol policy is also of relevance to hostel goers. If my child is found guilty on any of the stipulated rules in the above-mentioned policy, I will immediately remove my child from the hostel, at least until his/her hearing has been held by the disciplinary committee of the governing body.